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Accommodation Turnov
offers cheap accommodation on the outskirts of townoverlooking Turnov to the Paradise.

Accommodation Turnov

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Turnov Accommodation offers accommodation in the heart Turnov Bohemian Paradise as one of the lowest prices around Turnov. Turnov is described as the heart of the Bohemian Paradise and we offer you accommodation in the city Turnov.Accommodation Turnov is located on the outskirts of town overlooking the Turnov Bohemian Paradise: for example, Wallenstein, ruins, Gross Rock, Rock City, and many other Kozakov heavily visited tourist sites and beautiful Turnov and the Bohemian Paradise. If you are planning a trip to the Paradise or Turnov Turnov visit the sights in and around, so please contact us. For more information on prices here ..... or price list.Accommodation Turnov is a quiet and sunny location in the PLA Czech Paradise. 

We offer accommodation in Turnov in the heart of the Bohemian Paradise in two separate buildings. 

Object first 
Accommodation in a well maintained 2-4 bed rooms fully equipped including fridge, kettle and crockery. The rooms are equipped with kitchen, 2 toilets, 2 bathrooms. In this building are: 1 single room, 1 double room, 1 triple room, 2 four-bed room (one with balcony) and 1 five-bed room with balcony. 

Properties 2 
Newly built apartment-style rooms. Two double rooms connected by a fully equipped kitchen and bathroom. The accommodation we offer: 5 double rooms and 3 triple rooms. 

For our hotel guests Turnov is an outdoor pool, a playground for your children, sitting in the gazebo with a fireplace and a large garden with camping. The rooms overlook the aforementioned beauty of the Bohemian Paradise and the outskirts Turnov. The hotel is on the paved parking area. If we're going to train or bus so we can arrange for transportation. Do you know where to find us? Click HERE ..... and it displays the map accommodation Turnov. 


With us you can book BENEFIT card that you can claim the full tax. Individual discounts are available HERE ..... If you are interested in lending your card to stay, so please let us know when ordering accommodation. When renting cards will require a refundable deposit of 50 CZK, which will be returned when submitting cards. 

We look forward to your visit. Accommodation Turnov.


Ubytování v Turnově

V tomto ubytování Turnov Vám nabízíme příjemný pobyt v udržovaných a plně vybavených objektech s překrásným výhledem do krás Českého ráje. V letních měsících je Vám k dispozici venkovní bazén, altán s krbem, posezení na zahradě nebo u bazénu a pingpongový stůl. Pro Vaše děti je k dispozici dětské hříště s houpačkami, pískovištěm a skluzavkou.

Vybavení pokoje ubytování TurnovBazén - ubytování Turnov   Dětské hřiště - ubytování Turnov